Welcome to our community creative space!

A place where imaginations are allowed to run wild, creative expression is the norm, and fun is had by people of all ages.

Kids Camps & Classes

We offer a wide variety of activities for kids, from after school art classes to Summer Art Camps. Register today by clicking the buttons above!

Private Art Events

Aside from offering a variety of art events and workshops open to the public, we also offer Private Art Parties & Events. Book today by clicking the button above!

Ceramics Classes

We offer Ceramics Courses for beginners and a space for intermediate and advanced potters to create. Our studio is equipped with seven electric pottery wheels, a slab roller and an electric kiln. Sign up today by clicking the button above!

Came here with my daughter for a birthday party. This studio is great and the kids had so much fun. The place with filled with wonderful arts and is just a very fun atmosphere. They have adult art nights also. Byob. Definitely gotta get a night out here and get creative.

Daniel Latini

Leaping Dog is a wonderful art studio! I’ve been taking ceramics classes since October and have zero complaints. Staff are friendly and accommodating, and very flexible. I have had some weeks where I can’t make it to my Wednesday class but, being very understanding, they have let me come to another class at a different time. Would have rated 10/10 dog biscuits but Google only lets me put 5 stars.

Bridget Targonski

Paint a picture with an instructor to guide you step by step. Jennifer is fantastic and everytime I have gone my painting is wonderful. It’s a fun evening and you don’t need any experience.

Patricia Colby

Such a great time for a painting party. Jen is a wonderful instructor. Need to try their pottery class next!

Missmae 2014

We stopped in during open studio time! Kat was there and gave us a private lesson. She was so patient and friendly. The owner Jenn came in towards the end of the day and was welcoming, friendly and helpful. We look forward to attending more events here and growing with the studio!

Susan Williams

My daughter has been really enjoying the Saturday morning drawing and painting class. It’s great because they do something different every week so she’s learning many new art techniques. I would highly recommend their studio!

Nicole Kuchie

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Leaping Dog Art Studios’ vision is to provide a shared home where families and neighbors of all ages can come together to freely express themselves and engage in a vibrant creative community.

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