Q:  Where are you located and where can I park?

A:  We are located at 325 Farnsworth Avenue in downtown Bordentown City, next to Bank of Princeton Bank. *Please take into account that there is only Street Parking available and plan accordingly.  (Parking is available in the Bank Parking Lot ONLY during their CLOSED hours.)  

Gift Certificates

Q: Do you sell Gift Certificates?

A:  YES! Gift Certificates are sold in various increments and can be used towards Kids OR Adult Classes and Events.  You may purchase these in store during our business hours or purchase a Gift Certificate online by clicking here.


Q:  How much is an Art Class?

A:  Prices for our Art Classes and Events range from $15 and up and depend on the Class or Event.  For more info, please click on KIDS CLASSES, ADULT CLASSES, and PRIVATE EVENTS

COVID-19 Concerns/Policies

Q:  If I come to the Studio, do I have to wear a mask?  

A: ¬† As of April, 1, 2022, the studio has amended it’s COVID-19 Safety Protocols . Visitors and students are no longer are required to wear a face mask at all times. However, we welcome students to wear a mask and keep a safe social distance if they feel more comfortable doing so. We do ask students and visitors to please NOT enter the studio if they are showing symptoms such as fever, or cough, etc. We still recommend some social distancing and we try to limit physical contact with each other (i.e. no touching, no handshaking, etc.)¬†Please click here to see our complete Policy.

How to Contact Us:

Q:  I have questions about your classes, events, or art camps. What is the best way to contact you?

A: Please fill out the Contact Form below. We will get back to you as soon as we can.